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There are over 34 million children in Vietnam.  With so many Vietnamese children living in poverty, many children face hunger, inadequate health care, homelessness or substandard housing, and lack of access to education.  These children have little hope for a successful future.

Children of Vietnam creates a future for these children that is full of promise.  COV is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing these children with what they need to succeed in life: good nutrition, life saving medical care, safe and secure housing, and access to education.

As a result of COV’s life changing programs, these children can look toward a brighter future.  COV helps these children escape the cycle of poverty, overcome the limitation of disability, and realize the dreams they never thought possible.  

To learn more about Children of Vietnam and how we began, please read Our Story.





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PO Box 18039
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Phone: (336) 235-0981