Children of Vietnam publishes a newsletter twice a year. The purpose of the newsletter is to keep our contributors informed about the projects we are attempting in the Da Nang area along with information about new initiatives that are being undertaken.

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Spring 2014

The children! The children! They are what we are all about!
Having just returned from Danang, I am full of memories of children with serious facial
disorders gathered at Danang General Hospital for fi nal examinations prior to surgery. Our
ten-year PARTNERSHIP with Facing The World in London ( allows
us to bring children to their program from all over Vietnam to have surgery performed in
Danang or London on serious facial tumors, birthmarks and deformities, thus giving them a new life.  Read More

Winter 2013

We want you to know that our Board of Directors is planning for the next 15 years with a strategic plan that will ensure we fulfill our promise to deliver aid quickly, directly and efficiently and making an immediate and real difference that is lasting. Stay alert in the coming months to an updated vision and mission statement and a new website (thanks to many volunteers).  Read More

Summer 2013

This is a special edition of our newsletter to commemorate 15 years of caring for children. We have filled it with photos of some the children of the nearly 300,000 children who have been touched by your
generosity. Your financial and volunteer support has eliminated pain, filled tummies, improved grades, given sight and the ability to walk and play. Read More

Winter 2012 You, our donors, are always there to be sure children have the resources to grow up to be healthy and strong.  We send our most sincere appreciation, and we want you to know that our staff members in Da Nang share your passion. Having staff members who are super sensitive to the daily needs of our children is a great blessing and strength.  Read More
Summer 2012 Partnerships have been a major element of our work since our beginning 14 years ago. Without them we could not operate.  Local government, civic organizations, and other nonprofits in Danang and around the world assist us in locating poor children with serious congenital heart defects needing surgery, complicated facial tumors needing operations, and one of our most extensive programs, locating 26,000 children needing intestinal parasite medications.Read More
Winter 2011 EDUCATION is a safeguard for children from trafficking.  Spawned by poverty, a lack of education and opportunity, ethnic discrimination, and unequal gender relations, the trafficking of young children in to the sex trade and cheap labor is a real danger. Read More
Summer 2011  As every founder knows, there comes a time when one begins to look back over all the years of hard work and dedication.We are nearing our 14th year this October, and I am amazed at the huge impact that we've had on the lives of many thousands of children thanks to the fantastic support of all of you, our donors. There also comes a time when one must look to and prepare for the future to ensure that all children continue to have the opportunity to grow and develop. Read More
Winter 2010 Ms. Can is a widow supporting 4 school children and an elderly grandmother. She is a farmer with very little income. Until last year, the whole family was forced to relieve themselves in a drainage canal. There was of course no privacy. Thanks to the generosity of Tad Fielder, who fundraised using Citizen Effect web-based tools (, Ms. Can and fi ve other families are now proud owners of private, indoor toilets that allow them to retain their dignity and break the cycle of water born disease. Read More
Spring 2010 After twelve years in Vietnam working with disadvantaged children, the hearts of these children are profoundly woven into every facet of my personal life. When I’m in the USA, each child I see or visit immediately carries me back to children in orphanages or street children programs near Danang. Often the eyes of a tiny three-year-old face kindly peering at me seems to say, "When is it my time to be adopted?" Read More
Winter 2009 There she was when I first met her, standing on the front porch of her new house donated by Children of Vietnam, as the family is very poor. Che Mao Hanh, 9 years old, now in first grade, lives in this house with her 11 year old brother and her father, a part-time rice farmer in rural Hoa Vang Province. Her mother left the family when Hanh was three. Hanh was crippled and could not walk until several leg operations were completed after her mother's departure. Read More
Spring 2009
To begin, I would like to thank our donors, staff, Board of Directors, and supporters for honoring Children of Vietnam with your resources. Although 2009 has proven to be a difficult year for many non-profit organizations, I am pleased to report that COV continues to thrive and grow. Read More
Winter 2008 Honoring Our Founders, Celebrating Our Past and Planning Our Future—our theme this year is celebration of COV’s 10 year anniversary! What a decade it has been to see so many children have opportunity where little existed before your support. Thousands of children and their families have a better life because of you—our donors. Thank you! Read More
Spring 2008 Ten Years Already? Yes! This year we celebrate our TENTH YEAR serving destitute children in Danang and Quang Nam Province who are orphaned, disadvantaged, poor, disabled or in street children programs. At times when standing daily so close to our work we may not see the long-term results of our efforts with these special children. Read More
Winter 2007 WOW! Yes, WOW! This has certainly been a WOW year for Children if Vietnam. One aspect of our work that we don’t often highlight involves the networking and cooperative ventures with organizations that share our mission to support the children we serve. Read More
Spring 2007 Imagine having a new face that looks normal after suffering years of stigma because of a severely deforming facial tumor. COV is fortunate to have enabled three young people, Tung, Nhan, and Trang, to take advantage of an opportunity from a wonderful London-base organization called Facing the World. Read More
DISASTER During the night of October 1, Typhoon Xangsane struck Danang City in Central Vietnam with full force winds of 90 MPH creating havoc, resulting in damaged and destroyed houses, factories, schools, businesses, trees, and the main power system. (read more...)
As I gaze out the window of my room on the top floor of my minihotel, I can see many districts within the city of Danang. I am thinking of all the 330 needy families out there with children who now live in nice homes who earlier only existed in a cardboard box or room made of plastic sheeting. (read more...)
TSUNAMI !! What a word and what a catastrophe in our world today! How blessed we were in our work area, Danang and Quangnam Province as all the terrible, gigantic waves from the tsunami were blocked by Thailand and Malaysia peninsulas. (read more...)
Spring, 2005
Winter, 2004
It is difficult for other nations to realize how much individuals, estates, foundations and corporations in the United States give away each year for charity causes. For the year 2003 it was 240.7 billion dollars. That sum is $827 for every man, woman and child in this country. This is for use within the USA and in other countries and is a phenomenal amount of money. (read more...)
We have had an exciting and meaningful year in 2003. We now have a staff of three in Danang to carry out our work: Mrs. Huong, Program Manager and Ms. Hang and Mrs. Tram her assistants. Ms Quy left in March to get married. (read more...)
Winter, 2003
This has been a very exciting year ! Children of Vietnam is thankful and pleased to report that our work with parents and families who have adopted children from Vietnam is proceeding nicely. The humanitarian aid committee of Carolina Adoption Services (Greensboro, NC) has recently donated $1,974 to support two programs at Hoa Mai Orphanage and Tam Ky Orphanage: (1) nutrition and (2) parasite treatment and prevention. (read more...)
It has been a very exciting year thanks to your support of our work with children. We built our 80th house in December since our beginning 4 1/2 years ago and we had 19 donated this year. The families are overwhelmed when receiving a house. We gave 51 piglets to poor families and 1300 fruit trees. (read more...)

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