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Ly's Story

Ly By Window

It is believed Ly is afflicted with Agent Orange poisoning. Agent Orange (Link to Agent Orange Fact Sheet) was used by the American military in the Vietnam War as a defoliant to kill plant life in the jungles of Vietnam and was stored in several military bases including Danang.

Ly was born with several health issues, which makes it difficult for her to breath. She has a concave thorax and a weak heart. Also, she has facial deformity that places her eyes are farther apart then normal. Recently, Ly discovered that she needs glasses due to short-sightedness/myopia.

The doctors say she can have an operation to raise her chest wall so she can breath easier, but she must gain weight before this surgery can happen.

Ly’s grandfather was a soldier stationed at Quang Binh province during the American/Vietnam War. Quang Binh is in Central Vietnam, 20km north of the DMZ, and was bombed extensively. Ly’s mother and aunt both have similar health issues, particularly facial deformities.

Ly By Window

Ly shares her bedroom and bed with her brother. She lives in a small but very neat house that is about 20 square meters and is accessed by a very narrow concrete road passing rice paddies and water buffalo. Her home is in a rural area with a few other homes nearby one of which is her grandparents. She is lucky that she can see them every day.

Children of Vietnam supports Ly and her family with a comprehensive services such as health checks, education scholarships, and nutrition. Ly wants to be a teacher some day and our goal is to help her do just that!

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Ngan's Story

Ngan grew up living with a very serious and potentially fatal eye tumor.  As a result, most of her life and that of her family was filled with pain and sadness.  All of this changed in late 2009 when, with the help of Children of Vietnam and its partner organization, Facing the World , sweet Ngan travelled to London for a life transforming surgery to remove the tumor..  It was a complete success!  The tumor was successfully removed, Ngan is healthy, and her appearance is prettier than ever! Now, Ngan and her family are looking forward to the future and are busy making happy memories.


Ngan (after surgery)


Below is the letter written from Ngan's mother after the surgery....

Ny's Story
During March of 2009, our staff was made aware of a family in dire need of assistance. Here is the story of that family.

The mother is single, having been abandoned by her husband.  She is raising two daughters in a house of crude boards.  Her eldest daughter, Ny, has a quiet charm. Ny who is ten, is the second ranking student in her class of 36 at school. Quite a feat for a child who walks a long distance to school each day, wearing the one set of clothing she owns. As a small child, the region experienced flooding and during the ordeal, Ny fell into the rising water. Although she survived, Ny was left with seizures.

During a visit, Ny told us, through her tears, that the other children look down at her because of her poor condition. One of our visitors returned the next day and took her shopping for a bicycle to ride to school, and new clothing for her, her sister, and her mother. The experience was exciting for Ny. She had never been in a car or a clothing store. Pink was definitely her favorite color! Children of Vietnam is building a dry and safe house for the family that should be ready for the whole family within a few months.

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