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Happy Tet! 
A  big thank you goes out to our friends at Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa for their support this hoilday season. Read all about their contribution to 40 families New Year celebration on the Keyed In to Hyatt blog! 
Celebrating a Brighter Vietnamese New Year

A new year reminds all of us at Hyatt to be thankful for our good fortune. This week, our associates at Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa celebrated the Vietnamese New Year by giving back to 40 families in the Hoa Quy Ward of Da Nang City.

Through a partnership with Children of Vietnam, a charity dedicated to providing aid to disadvantaged children in Vietnam, hotel associates prepared a gift basket for each family. Baskets included traditional Têt (new year) treats such as cake, oranges and other fruit, the value of which equaled about a week’s earning for some of these Vietnamese families.

This is just one of many ways Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa participates in Hyatt Thrive, our global corporate responsibility program. Since opening in 2011, the hotel has also supported Children of Vietnam’s Hope System of Care to help children with disabilities, including those affected by Agent Orange.


Anthony Gain, general manager of Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa, presents a gift basket to a family.

June 20-24th marked Children of Vietnam's first ever hand-in-hand service project. Four volunteers worked and visited for a week at the Hoa Mai Orphanage in Da Nang, Vietnam. Volunteers helped with mushroom farming, yardwork, English tutoring and daily chores.

At the end of the week the group of volunteers delivered a whole spread of donations and gifts for the kids at Hoa Mai.Donations included new shoes, school uniforms and textbooks for each child's upcoming school year, six bicycles for rising 6th graders to use to ride to secondary school, 4 large cabinets to be used as lockers for the kids and a large assortment of games, toys and school supplies.

Some reflections from volunteer Olivia: "Sweet Long was always the first kid to greet me and answer questions in class and he refused to ever leave the classroom without shaking my hand and saying, "Thank you Miss Olivia, may I please be excused?"

Another one of the adorable sixth graders was Linh, who, though very soft spoken, was just brilliant. Though the boys often didn't let her play, Linh was the was the best player of the group always thinking five and six moves ahead.

Ngoc another shy 6th grade girl , had actually learned to ride one of the older kid's bikes already and though she didnt want to show off her skills and embarrass the other 6th graders who were still learning, after receiving her own wheels she called me to the side of the building to watch her proudly pedal out of sight of the others.

All of the kids were extremely mature and independent. They each had their own chores and tasks and worked seamlessly together like a big family. I was amazed at their ability to share and help one another. They were also extremely gracious and appreciative of all of their new things. Their school supplies and uniforms were promptly put away so as not to be messed up before the first day of classes and each of their new "fun" gifts were very carefully handled and shared- nothing like how an American child would treat new toys."

Thanks for a successful week at Hoa Mai!



Since the start of, Children of Vietnam has received $550 through JustGive and its many partners. This October, JustGive celebrates 10 years of online charitable giving. To mark the occasion, thank donors and further their mission to increase charitable giving, starting October 10, JustGive will add $10 to every donation made for 10 days.

Another challenge has just been presented by one of our great supporters. If 10 people donate through JustGive during the next 10 days, this donor will also add $10 per donation.

Help us meet this donors challenge and obtain the Justgive match. Ten dollars can go a long way to changing a child's live.

Make a donation to COV
here and JustGive will add $10 to your donation. Donations as small as $10 are accepted!

Ten thousand thanks for your great support!

Thanks to a generous donation by a COV supporter a young boy-- Mr. Ong Dang Nhu Tai received a house for his family last week.
Tai was born with a shortened leg and he and his single mother lived in poverty trying to afford both medical and housing expenses.
As a result of COV donors, Tai received a prosthetic leg to help him overcome his physical disability.
The donor also purchased land and a very nice home for Tai and his mother--this wonderful gift put them both on a positive track in the community.
It took the COV staff lots of work in order to get the home's deed in the young Tai's name, but now he and his family will have a stable home for all of his life.
Thank you to all of our donors who give deserving families the stability, safety and security that comes from home ownership! COV_Tais_house

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