Delivering Clean Water & Sanitation

1 week ago

Across Vietnam, a staggering 7.7 million children go to schools without running water and working toilets; across the country, nearly 3 million people practice open defecation.[1] 

Views across from rural Sơn Tân school are characterized by lush jungle and terraced rice fields.

“In mountainous regions, the lack of water treatment plants forces schools to rely on unreliable sources like wells and streams, further highlighting the urgent need for improved sanitation and water access locally,” said Dinh Nhu Lam, Director of the Quang Ngai Provincial Child Protection Fund.

Therefore, COV installed a water filtration system to ensure a safe and clean water source for the kindergarten and the surrounding local community, which has helped to reduce water-borne illnesses in the students and their families. The modern 180-liter-per-hour reverse osmosis (RO) system effectively removes up to 99.99% of harmful contaminants like chemicals, solids, bacteria, and viruses. Since its installation, teachers have noticed an improved attendance rate among students.

Principal Nguyen Thi Hong Nguyen and COV’s local maintenance administrator Dinh Duy Long examine the inner workings of Sơn Tân kindergarten’s commercial-grade water filtration system to ensure that it is in proper working order.
Kindergarteners at Sơn Tân school are taught the importance of drinking clean water and practicing hygiene so that they can remain healthy and in high attendance at school.
[1] UNICEF // “Since we have clean water at school, I don’t get sick often anymore.”

Chris Brinlee, Jr.