Nam Building a Dream Campaign

This modern schoolhouse provided the first toilets in the commune. Nam couldn’t imagine not having a toilet at home, so for his 14th birthday, he raised money to provide 48 out houses, one for each family- so that the children no longer had to venture into the woods to “answer natures call”.

Today, Nam extends a heartfelt invitation to you.

Will you help him continue building his dream?

Will you please contribute to the creation of a reading room/ library for the children of the Alua Commune?

This space will not only nurture the young minds of Alua, but will cultivate a love for learning that will endure for generations to come. It’s Nam’s ultimate goal is to encourage his friends in Alua to have the courage to dream, and go after it. To become doctors, scientists, artists, anything they can imagine- and to elevate their community into the modern age. A reading room/library will help them to dream.

Together, we can add another chapter to this remarkable story of compassion and change, ensuring that Nam’s legacy of education and empowerment shines ever brighter.

Will you please help? Thank you! Cảm ơn.

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