A BBQ That Gives 

2 years ago

Starting in 2013, Pigstock began as a simple BBQ gathering of friends and family. A longtime Rotarian, Dan Quinn’s discovery of Children of Vietnam ultimately gifted 25 children and counting an education of a lifetime.

Immediately resonating with our education initiative, Dan Quinn began to take action. Sharing his passion for ensuring proper education paired with COV’s mission, the very roots of Pigstock were born in a joint-up backyard tailgate. Rotary club members came together for this fundraiser in hopes of supporting a group of girls with a brighter future. And that they did!

Together, the Rotary club raised enough to provide 25 6th-grade girls a spot in our Study Steps program! The first of a larger cohort of Children of Vietnam’s, the group of girls were nicknamed the Hoa Quy girls in reflection of their home roots.

Ben Wilson’s passion, Children of Vietnam’s founder, inspired Quinn. What began as a spontaneous cook-out has become a celebratory yearly affair! As the girls have grown (both literally and figuratively!), so has the generous support and funds of Pigstock!

From fewer than 100 guests in 2013 to 1400 guests at the last event in 2021, Pigstock welcomes all ages a chance to come together and be a part of a bigger picture. Every year since that first cookout, BBQ and Bluegrass-local Rotary clubs have actively been involved in continuing the tradition of Pigstock and ensuring the growth of those 25 young girls.

Now, PigStock is one of our most favorite fundraisers to look forward to! From professional cooks to passionate beginners, Pigstock brings together both foodies behind the grill and those ready, fork in hand, to eat. You can join in on the event by either putting your grilling skills to the test by competing in various categories or taking the day to check out these grill masters at work, sampling selections, all while enjoying Bluegrass music. It’s a day of good BBQ and bluegrass, which benefits Children of Vietnam.

Throughout the years, the money raised by Pigstock has provided the Hoa Quy girls with school tutoring, study aids (lamps, desks, backpacks), and tuition for uniforms and books. A yearly outing has also been sponsored to teach life skills and give the girls a chance to have fun while having educational excursions. Out of the 25 girls, 24 finished the program and graduated high school. Twenty-one of the girls expressed a desire to continue their learning and pursue higher education. Their call was once again answered by the supporters of Pigstock – who rallied again to pay for all of their tuition. All twenty-one girls were able to have their dream met and have done exceptionally well in their University/Vocational schools.

While the girls are in their final year of school and the collaborative efforts have beyond paid off with their first mission, Pigstcok has once again set out to make education a reality of a vision. A second cohort group was started last year to carry out another legacy of giving.

We’re thrilled to have a tremendous partnership with all of those who make Pigstock the successful event it is!

“I’ve had such a good time working with Pigstock these last ten years. It’s been an honor and privilege to watch these young ladies grow up. We had about 90 people at the first Pigstock back in 2013; last year, we had close to 1400 come out. When we started this first group of girls, they were such shy 6th graders; now, they are confident young women in their final year of University.

Last year we started a second group of 6th graders, who are on their way to brilliant futures. There is no way any of these girls would have finished high school, let alone seen a University, if not for the generosity of our Pigstock supporters. I am deeply impressed by these young women and so very grateful for all those that have supported this adventure for them. Pigstock is November 5th this year, and we encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the bbq/beverages/bluegrass and fellowship. Most importantly, we ask for continued financial support to provide this life-changing opportunity to more young ladies.” – Dan Quinn, Founder of PigStock

Join in on the fun either by coming in person or supporting our efforts by donating online! Check out the link here to get involved: www.pigstockbbq.com.

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