Who We Are — Building bright futures by lifting children out of poverty

Huong helping with boots

Social Equity Statement

We stand for: Equality. Dignity. Inclusion. Social Justice.
Boy Girl Friends in Arms Walking

We acknowledge the suffering of Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latin, and other minority communities. We value equity, dignity, inclusion, and social justice because they are central to our mission of lifting children out of poverty. We pledge to continue to be guided by these values in everything we do.

 Poverty does not just happen. It is not only a lack of income and resources. It consists of a lack of inclusive and equitable access to basic needs and opportunities to grow, develop, and follow dreams. Further, discrimination and inequality often coincide with poverty. Every child and adult regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, mental or physical abilities, or who they love deserves dignity.

We abhor the injustice inflicted, past and present, on the multitude of lives, including Black lives, caused by individual and systemic racism, discrimination, and exclusion.