Donate — Your support empowers Vietnamese children, families, and communities to break the cycle of poverty

Building A Brighter Future: One Child At A Time

Your support empowers Vietnamese children, families, and communities to break the cycle of poverty.

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In 2019, Nam Harrison’s bold dream came true: a beautiful, blue sky-colored school building that educates 122 children opened its doors! The young Californian dreamed of a new school for the kids he met after visiting the ethnic minority C’Tu tribe in the Truong Son Mountains the previous year. Nam saw the dirt floor shack the community used for a school, and he instantly knew a new facility would improve the school days for kids just like him.
Nam traded his 10th birthday party celebration for a fundraiser for school construction. He raised over $10,000 that day, and with the additional financial help of his parents, family, and friends, the building began! The new school includes everything a school building should have like books and chalkboards, desks and chairs, and inviting playground equipment. Check out this video that captures the school’s joyful dedication when Nam traveled back to Vietnam in August 2019.
Now that the school building has become a reality, we need you to dream big like Nam and positively impact the lives of these young learners and beyond. These students need your support for their continued education. Your gift will keep their school running and help build more schools for more children.
Why Build a School
A fully functioning school building makes up one of the most essential parts of a good education. According to UNICEF, “quality learning requires a safe, friendly environment.” ( Our school construction in central Vietnam replaces makeshift or non-existent facilities with new, safe, and engaging environments that promote learning! Education helps lift children out of poverty and builds brighter futures for them.
Why Ethnic Minority Children?
According to UNICEF, more children in Vietnam must start their education at an earlier age; however, limited access to quality early childhood education in very remote areas has led to “significant bottlenecks to education outcomes for ethnic minority children.” (UNICEF annual report, 2013) Being behind other children academically adds to the many factors that may lead to dropping out of school and leaving behind the opportunities a good education can provide. Ethnic minority children face many barriers to education, including language, terrain, and poorly equipped schools. 
We thank Nam for his leadership and dedication to building a new school. And our thanks to each of you who contribute to school construction and outfitting.
Watch Nam’s newest Video here!
The John Vietnam Educational Fund focuses exclusively on giving children and youth a bright future through education. These efforts include life-changing scholarships for low-resource children and young adults. The scholarships provide school supplies, bikes, desks, study lamps, and college tuition for bright students who want to attend university but have no funds to achieve their dreams.
John’s family established the Fund in his honor. John passed away while a student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His death cut short a life filled with a positive attitude, hard work, and joy. As a young MC and rapper, John’s accomplishments included creating his own music, videos, and numerous knockout performances in spoken word poetry competitions in his community. 
John cared deeply about encouraging his family, friends, and fans. With a worldview wise beyond his years, John mentored many youth, advocated for peace and justice, and shared the proceeds of his CDs to help vulnerable children in Vietnam.
The John Vietnam Educational Fund continues John’s spirit of encouraging people of all ages and your gift makes a positive impact on the young, vulnerable people it supports.

Feel Good All Year . . . Become A Sustainer

Life is uncertain, especially for children living in poverty. The daily challenges of hunger, lack of access to education, single motherhood, and having a child with disabilities make it difficult to think beyond today. That is where you can help. By becoming a sustaining donor, you are lifting Vietnamese children from poverty all year long!

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