Who We Are — Building bright futures by lifting children out of poverty

Huong helping with boots


Children of Vietnam lifts children out of poverty by eliminating barriers to fulfilling their potential through wraparound services that focus on one child, one family, one community at a time.


As an organization, our vision is clear: a Vietnam in which all children flourish, reach their full potential, and contribute positively to society.

How We Started

Children of Vietnam (COV) began in 1998 with two friends, one from Vietnam and the other from America, who simply saw the needs of many children and decided to take action.

Ben and Huong

Ben Wilson and Luong Thi Huong rode a scooter through the streets of Da Nang and into the countryside, bringing aid to children and their families — food, shelter, medicine, and clothing — anything and everything a child might need. Brightening each child’s future remains our focus today.

Word of their life-changing scooter deliveries traveled fast through Da Nang, in central Vietnam. Families with children who needed help sought them out. Ben and Huong furiously worked on both sides of the ocean to meet the demand. From the beginning, Ben and Huong believed in creating partnerships with the communities, finding the greatest needs, delivering aid quickly, and working to provide the support that sustained growth. These principles continue to guide us in our daily operations.