How We Serve — Lifting children out of poverty with programs designed to empower them to build a bright future

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What We Mean by Childhood Poverty & Wraparound Services

All children deserve to thrive and live fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable children live in multidimensional poverty. This means they lack access to education, good nutrition, healthcare, adequate shelter, clean water, and sanitation and all of those factors contribute to the child being in poverty.

The lack of these basic needs has long-term impacts that last into adulthood.

We look at the whole child to tackle these root causes of poverty. We wrap multiple services around each child to address their many basic needs. Our wraparound approach empowers children to overcome barriers and strive for a life beyond poverty.

Initiatives and Programs

Increasing Opportunities for Children with Disabilities Initiative


Our Hope System of Care (HSC) offers wraparound services for children with disabilities. These children receive healthcare, physical aids, therapies, nutrition, education, and life skills.  These services promote independence and well-being one step at a time.  And, each step represents a huge leap for a child. This program expands local capacity and supports children with disabilities assistance in five major areas:

US forces widely used Agent Orange, a defoliant containing toxic dioxin, during the war in Vietnam. The spraying of Agent Orange ended long ago in Vietnam, but thousands of children and young adults in Da Nang and elsewhere continue to live with severe physical and mental disabilities which appear to be linked to a parent, grandparent, or even great-grandparent’s exposure.

Learn more at Aspen Institute, Agent Orange, in Vietnam Project, or watch this short video Make Agent Orange History

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According to Vietnam’s National Survey on People with Disabilities in 2016, 2.79% of children between the ages of 2-17 have a disability. Families who have children with disabilities tend to be poor, and 1 in 4 live in multidimensionally poor households.

Educating for the Future Initiative

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Investing in children and equipping them with a sound education lifts children out of poverty. We provide scholarships and educational aids for children living with the daily constraints of poverty in Vietnam. We help children become proud, self-sufficient adults by making a solid education a reality when their families could not afford one. We do this in three areas: 

“Despite significant improvements in enrollment rates in recent years, the quality and effectiveness of education in Vietnam’s poorer regions remains low, while drop-out and repetition rates remain high. The primary reason cited for student dropout is that families cannot afford the tuition."

Keeping Children Nourished Initiative

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We believe that all children deserve a healthy start in life. We provide vitamin-fortified food to kindergartens and families who experience food insecurity. We do this through the following programs:

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One in every four Vietnamese children under the age of five suffers from malnutrition, while one in every six children is underweight, increasing their risk of suffering impaired cognitive ability, weakened performance at school and work, and dying from infections.

Delivering Clean Water and Sanitation Initiative

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Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are essential for children to maintain good health and to develop physically and mentally to their full potential. And these are essential for parents to stay healthy to work and care for their children. We provide these by: 

Empowering Single Mothers Initiative

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To help break the cycle of poverty, we work with single mothers who live at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. As we help these mothers, we support their children to grow up in a safe, stable, and healthy home and ultimately overcome poverty. Our Empowering Foundations for Women & Their Children (EFWC) program provides comprehensive services tailored to meet single mothers’ immediate needs while helping them develop life-long skills that lead to self-sufficiency and reliance. EFWC achieves these goals through:

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We Collaborate

We collaborate with community members, local authorities, and our donors to produce positive change, build sustainability, and create community-based solutions.