October - December 2021 — Annual Fund - Care for a Child Campaign

Two boys sitting

More children and families need our services

The Coronavirus pandemic, once well-controlled in Vietnam, broke wide open with the arrival of the dangerous Delta variant last spring. While Vietnam works to contain the disease, the economy is battered and children are suffering, particularly those from poor families. Because of lockdowns, parents have lost their jobs, their small businesses closed, or they can’t get to markets to sell their products. Although things are beginning to open back up, families’ meager incomes are dwindling while the cost of goods is rising fast. Children and families are hungry and are trying to make ends meet.

This Delta variant of COVID-19 affects every one of our programs by increasing the need for our assistance. More children and families need our services, and we hope to meet that need by increasing our Annual Fund by 10%. Will you give to our Annual Fund Care for a Child Campaign by making a gift?

It is amazing how much 10% more can do for those we serve. Would you consider increasing your support? Your generosity will have a mighty impact.

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Your 10% could provide

Please consider a gift of $55.00, $110.00, $275.00, or add just 10% more to your usual donation to Care for a Child living in these uncertain times.