The urgent need in Vietnam — Help children & their families who are devastated by the pandemic

COVID Care Relief Fund

COVID Care Relief Fund

Cities throughout the country are in lockdown due to the COVID Delta variant. We want to help by focusing on DELIVERING emergency food and essential supplies to families struggling because of the pandemic and its economic fallout. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO SUPPORT THESE FAMILIES. 

COV Example Food

Many families have lost their jobs because the factories are closed, the shops and small restaurants and street venders are shut down. Agricultural products cannot be traded, so they are being thrown away. Without income, fulfilling even the most basic needs is challenging. Feeding your family or purchasing essentials is not possible If you are already living in poverty and cannot work.

Rice for distribution

We are focusing on helping families with the greatest need. The staff are talking with community leaders in the areas we serve and are assessing areas that may need care packages. Our first goal is to provide food and essentials for 2,954 families in Hoa Vang, the largest and most rural district of Da Nang. We will continue to monitor the situation and try to help as many families as possible. 

Our care packages will provide the basic essentials these families need to survive: food, fuel, medicine, milk and diapers.
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Rice and essentials for distribution