Dai Quoc’s Story: A Mother’s Enduring Patience and Boundless Love

1 year ago

Born in 2016, Nguyen Dai Quoc faced a difficult path from an early age. At 23 months old, he was diagnosed with severe autism and heart disease. However, in October 2021, a new chapter began as Quoc joined COV’s Hope System of Care, bringing hope for his development and alleviating the family’s burdens.

Through the program, Quoc received annual scholarships, ensuring his education remained uninterrupted. His health, particularly his heart condition, received focused attention. Currently, Quoc attends a specialized school for children with disabilities and autism, where he continues to make remarkable strides.

The journey hasn’t been without sacrifices. Due to the school’s distance, Quoc’s mother travels with him to care for him, while his father works diligently to support the family’s living expenses. 

Today, witnessing Quoc’s incredible progress fills us with immense joy. Gone are the days when he sat silently in the corner, disconnected from the world. Now, he fearlessly engages with others, answering questions, writing simple words, and honing various life skills. He enjoys playful interactions with his neighborhood friends. This remarkable transformation is a testament to his mother’s enduring patience and boundless love. Without her unwavering support, Dai Quoc’s daily improvement would not have been possible.

Quoc’s story is an inspiration to us all, underscoring the power of determination and the importance of a loving support system. Each step forward reflects his resilience, and we eagerly anticipate his continuing journey of growth and success.