Dreams Unveiled: Hoai Nhu’s Inspirational Journey

11 months ago

Step into the classroom numbered 7/2 at Nguyen Hong Anh Secondary School and you’ll be greeted by the radiant smile of Nguyen Ngoc Hoai Nhu. Nhu has been an integral part of the Study Steps program since 2021, a program designed to aid students who face formidable challenges—much like Nhu herself.

Nhu’s family has encountered significant financial difficulties. Motivated by a love for their daughter, her parents labor tirelessly to ensure Nhu’s continued education, taking on additional burdens to make her schooling possible. The past two years of affiliation with both COV and the Study Steps Program have seemingly lifted a weight from their shoulders.

At the commencement of Grade 6, Nhu admitted that uncertainty shrouded her aspirations. Nonetheless, as she transitioned to Grade 7, a sense of maturity replaced her previous doubts. “This two-year journey with Study Steps,” she shared, “has shown me that ‘dreams bear no taxation’ and empowered me to aspire towards a better life. The support from Children of Vietnam covers my educational expenses and enables me to broaden my horizons. The life skills acquired through their lessons equips me with the ability to both value and safeguard myself. I also appreciate how Study Steps extends its reach to outdoor activities that foster holistic personal development.”

In the preceding year, Nhu displayed unwavering dedication to excellence, meriting the distinction of an outstanding student and garnering an Encouragement Award in Vietnamese literature at the school level. Beyond her academic pursuits, Nhu actively aids her parents by contributing to household chores, affording them the freedom to work without undue concern. In addition, she diligently pursues personal growth through self-study at home and participation in supplementary classes.

When asked, Nhu expresses her gratitude for the program by sharing: “Within the COV organization, I have received abundantly more than I have given. I’ve forged new friendships that transcend the confines of school. Above all, this place has gifted me with confidence and courage, dispelling the insecurities I once harbored. COV has transformed into a second home—a stroke of fortune I consider myself immensely blessed to have discovered.”