Hien’s Story: Steps to Success

2 years ago

Meet Pham Thi Hien!

Hien was one of the recipients of our Hope System of Care (HSC) program back in 2019, when first launched in the Thang Binh village. When we first met Hien, our hearts were captured by her timid, yet resilient spirit. By the age of 5, Hien had already received two surgeries on her legs. In addition, this young child was also struggling with a skin disease and navigating the world with a deformed hand with missing fingers, making life exceptionally hard. Waiting for Hien to rejuvenate her strength and health, her grandparents hoped to continue medical operations despite a low, unsteady income, unsure of how the next steps would unfold.

Hien’s enrollment in HSC was the beginning of building her brighter future: crafting a care plan that emphasized her individualized case through consultation between her hard-working grandparents and an interdisciplinary team of experts. From health checks, financial support, a school scholarship, holiday gifts, and child-friendly equipment, Hien and her family have accomplished incredible improvements in their overall quality of life. Since her ongoing participation in our programs, her skin disease has been in remission due to access to medication. Nutritional supplements from our program have helped her establish and maintain a healthy weight. Her improvement in health has given her an overall glow, which can be felt in her joyful disposition. Her resiliency shines through her now-outgoing self — she often sings and dances! Her family has also experienced financial stability, creating a secure and comfortable household.

Hien’s ongoing story inspires us every day and keeps us motivated in our mission to lift children out of poverty one child, one family, and one community at a time.

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