Hieu’s Story: A Journey of Building Confidence

7 months ago

“Out of all the life skills programs that Children of Vietnam has conducted, the presentation skills training is my favorite,” Tran Minh Hieu, a Grade 7 student of Study Steps Program, shared with a shy smile. Hieu was originally a timid and introverted boy, often hesitant to communicate with others. He’s a member of a small family of three, consisting of his grandmother, mother, and himself. Hieu’s mother works as a laborer in a private textile company and is the main provider for the family. Hieu usually stays with his grandmother, receiving abundant love and care from her.

Hieu joined the Study Steps program in 2021 when he was in Grade 6. In addition to the tutoring program, Study Steps offers various training sessions and life skills workshops, aiding Hieu and others in similar circumstances to express themselves confidently and integrate well with friends and their surroundings. Hieu makes time to participate in all COV’s extracurricular programs and shows significant progress in the two years he has been part of the program.

At school, Hieu excels in mathematics, consistently achieving high scores and feeling confident in this subject. Additionally, he has a special affinity for track and field. During this summer, he took part in the district-level athletics competition in the 1500m and 400m races, securing third position. These achievements help boost Hieu’s confidence in his unique ability.

Reflecting on a two-year journey with the COV scholarship, Hieu says he feels, “extremely grateful and happy for the immense support they have provided.”

Hieu story highlights the transformative power of COV’s programs, enabling young individuals to overcome their insecurities, develop confidence, and excel both academically and personally.