Hung and Thinh’s Story: Transforming Lives through Comprehensive Support

1 year ago

Born into families reliant on daily labor, with the constant uncertainty of income, the unwavering support offered by COV’s Hope System of Care since 2021 has been a lifeline to Hung and Thinh. Upon enrolling in the program, Hung and Thinh underwent thorough health checkups, ensuring their well-being was prioritized and specific needs were identified. Moreover, they were given scholarships at the beginning of each school year, alleviating the financial strain on their families, and granting them the opportunity to pursue their education without obstacles.

Recognizing the significance of comprehensive assistance, the parents of Hung and Thinh eagerly participated in a specialized training class organized by COV on caring for children with disabilities during their transformative adolescent years. This invaluable training equipped the parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide tailored support and guidance for their teenage children.

Hung and Thinh’s father, Luong, shared, “Thanks to the support from COV, our family has experienced a significant reduction in financial burden, allowing both children to receive better care.”

During the summer break, Hung is attending a tutoring class to enhance his academic skills and enrich his learning. Meanwhile, Thinh, who has successfully completed first grade, requires additional support to retain knowledge due to his cognitive limitations. Consequently, their parents are searching for a tutoring class that can provide Thinh with the specific guidance and support required for his progress. The provision of scholarships, comprehensive health check-ups, and specialized training classes for parents through the Hope System of Care demonstrates COV’s unwavering commitment to supporting children with disabilities and their families. By addressing both educational and health needs, the program aims to empower Hung and Thinh to thrive and learn.