Ngọc’s Story: a Grandmother’s Constant Love

12 months ago

Ngo Bao Ngoc’s maternal grandmother became her primary caregiver after her parents’ divorce. Despite the circumstances, Ngoc’s grandmother continues to care for her with unwavering love.

In 2021, Ngọc became a part of the Study Steps program in her sixth grade, an initiative by Children of Vietnam (COV). This program provided her with academic tutoring, engaging activities, and life skills training. These experiences have empowered her to broaden her knowledge and explore beyond her immediate surroundings.

Two years of journeying with COV have brought Ngọc great joy. The impactful work of the organization has touched her heart and shifted her perspective, revealing a world that isn’t as bleak as she once thought. Ngọc’s dedication to her studies has borne fruit, earning her the title of an outstanding student for two years in a row. She secured second and third prizes in school-level writing competitions during her sixth and seventh grades.

During the summer, Ngọc assists her grandmother by selling a traditional street food dish called “bánh bèo” and attending to household chores. She values the opportunity to contribute to her family’s well-being. With a heart full of gratitude, Ngọc wholeheartedly extends her sincere thanks to Children of Vietnam for the unwavering support. She pledges to persist in her efforts and work diligently, determined not to let down the trust and faith COV has placed in her.