Quoc Huy’s Story – Grandmother’s Dream

1 year ago

At the end of the rice field in An Tan hamlet, Hoa Phong commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang, stands the humble abode of Nguyen Van Quoc Huy’s family. Huy was born with multiple disabilities, such as cerebral palsy.

Tragedy struck the family further when Huy was just three months old, and his mother decided to leave. To compound the challenges, Huy’s father was involved in a serious traffic accident that left him unable to work. With no steady income, the burden of providing for the family fell on Huy’s elderly grandmother, who had to seek employment as a hired laborer. She took on this difficult task to ensure that the family had enough to cover their basic needs and medical expenses. 

In the face of these overwhelming difficulties, the family’s situation began to change when Huy was enrolled in COV’s Hope System of Care Program. Since 2019, COV has been a source of support for Huy and his family, offering financial assistance to cover his medical expenses, including rehabilitation sessions, assistive devices, and nutrition supplements. Moreover, recognizing the need for increased income, the program also helped Huy’s grandmother find avenues to augment her earnings. 

The program’s support extended beyond medical and financial aid. Recognizing the dire conditions of their living situation, COV also provided assistance to repair the family’s roof and acquire essential furniture, improving their overall living conditions. These interventions brought a glimmer of hope to the family, offering them a chance to rebuild their lives from the ground up. 

After three years of support from COV, Huy’s family is experiencing a new beginning. Huy’s grandmother expresses her deep appreciation for COV, acknowledging the organization for bringing new hope and opportunities to her grandson. The progress Huy has made through the program has been remarkable, enabling him to achieve significant milestones in his development. He has learned to stand, sit, and even walk, marking incredible strides in his journey despite his initial challenges. 

Huy’s grandmother exudes confidence in his abilities, stating that she believes he will be able to take care of himself.