Quynh’s Colorful Journey: Nurturing Talents with Study Steps

11 months ago

Meet Tran Nhu Quynh, a vibrant participant in the Study Steps initiative at Nguyen Hong Anh School. “Singing, painting, and engaging in COV’s extracurricular activities bring me immense joy,” Quynh shares with enthusiasm.

Her artistic flair is undeniable. Quynh finds solace in creating works of art which inspire optimism. Her art is a testament to her blossoming creativity, serving a stark contrast to the challenges life has presented her.

Born into a family burdened by financial challenges and divorce, Quynh now lives with her father and grandmother. The absence of her mother’s affection once plunged Quỳnh into a struggle with self-doubt stemming from her circumstances.

Nevertheless, a two-year involvement with Study Steps supported Quynh to undergo significant changes as she received more attention and care from teachers and COV staff. Most notably, Study Steps connected Quynh with new friends who shared similar life circumstances, creating a sense of community. Consequently, she has gradually turned her initial insecurities into self-confidence and evolved into an active participant within the program.

Quynh believes the program is “remarkably beneficial, imparting invaluable life skills, knowledge, and capabilities. At the end of each year, we get to go on trips and be immersed in new experiences. Personally, I relish the lessons on effective communication. Our trips always leave me with joyous feelings of connection and openness with my peers.”

With the closure of her grade 7, Quynh proudly secures a Good Ranking, a testament to her dedication. Following a dynamic summer, she stands poised to embrace the upcoming school year with revitalized zeal and energy.