Running Towards Dreams: The Inspiring Journey of Nguyen Van Tien

11 months ago

Meet Nguyen Van Tien, a determined second-year Bright Scholars student at the Danang University of Science and Technology. Tien’s journey is one of overcoming challenges to chase his dreams.

Tien’s path was not easy from the start. Born into difficult circumstances and without the presence of his parents, he found solace and care in his grandmother’s embrace. Growing up under her nurturing guidance, Tien’s spirit remained unbroken.

Despite the obstacles that life placed before him, Tien’s determination shone brightly. His efforts culminated in a life-changing moment when he was accepted to the University of Science and Technology. With support from the Bright Scholars program, the doors to his dreams were opening. At university, Tien transformed from a reserved individual into an active participant in both academic and extracurricular realms. Through workshops and outdoor activities organized by Children of Vietnam (COV), Tien’s horizons expanded. COV’s supportive community enabled Tien to forge connections with fellow students, learn new skills, and begin to contribute to society.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Tien has discovered a passion for running. Through this sport, he not only hones his physical abilities but also imbibes essential life lessons – discipline, time management, and self-motivation. His dedication paid off as he clinched a gold medal in athletics during the University of Danang’s sports festival. Tien’s triumphs didn’t stop there. His commitment to excellence led him to the Vietnam National University Games, where he secured an individual silver medal and contributed significantly to his university’s overall success.

As Tien keeps going on his amazing journey, he proves that education, determination, and support can make incredible things happen.