Tri’s Summer of Dedication and Dreams

10 months ago

During summer break when academic demands are less pressing, Ngo Van Tri dedicates his time to his parents. Every morning, he and his father help his mother prepare vegetables for the market. Afterward, Tri takes care of household chores, followed by breaks to play with friends and organize his studies. Evenings are reserved for massaging his parents. This is the candid account of a typical summer day for Ngo Van Tri.

As the youngest member of a family of seven, Tri’s upbringing is a testament to hard work and dedication. His mother sells vegetables in a local market, while his father works as a hired bricklayer. With their modest incomes, caring for five children is not an easy feat. Despite his young age, Tri is an empathetic child who understands the challenges his parents face and actively cares for his family.

In 2021, Tri joined the Study Steps program, showcasing his commitment to excelling in his studies and participating in COV’s scholarship and life skills programs. Reflecting on his journey, Tri shares, “The program has expanded my knowledge and introduced me to many new friends. Beyond academic support, COV has equipped me with life skills that teach me how to behave and communicate effectively, especially across genders. Most importantly, the program has helped me mature to achieve academic success. I promise to give my all next year to become an even better student in Grade 8.”

In addition to his academics, Tri is an accomplished swimmer, earning a Silver medal in the district-level swimming competition. He aspires to both excel academically and become a well-rounded student to lighten his parents’ burdens.

Tri’s story is one of dedication and aspiration, where a young boy’s efforts and the support of COV’s programs have transformed challenges into stepping stones for success.