Wraparound Services Create Long-term Success!

4 years ago
Han photo for stories

Han has overcome obstacles and wants to teach others!

Han smiles like any fifth-grade child–bright and full of promise. She does not let her abnormal left hand and feet limit her dreams, which shine through in her curious brown eyes. 

Han’s story started before she was born. Her grandfather was exposed to Agent Orange while in the army. As a result, his daughter experienced complications during pregnancy, resulting in Han’s premature birth. She weighed only 1.3 kilograms (2.8 pounds). 

As the doctors observed her development, they noticed her fingers on her left hand and toes grew unevenly. While painless and not in need of invasive surgery, the deformity prevents Han from doing simple activities such as riding a bike. 

Han participated in HSC from 2012-2014 through your support of our Hope System of Care for Children with Disabilities program.

This changed the trajectory of Han’s story. 

The program offers wrap-around services that meet children and their poor families’ needs from education and healthcare to livelihood. Her family received financial support to cover her school tuition, medical expenses, and a microloan. 

Han lives with her grandparents, parents, and younger sister in Da Nang, Vietnam, where she attends Thai Thi Boi primary school.  

“Although Han has a disability in her hands and legs, she is always diligent in studying,” said Han’s teacher. She also received a tutoring scholarship from March 2018 to October 2019, which has helped Han assimilate into school. She has close friends to share comic books with and excellent grades.

“After dinner, Han and her sister go to their desk to study, learn and prepare books and notebooks for tomorrow without needing a reminder,” said Han’s father. “I’m so proud of them.”

A few days before the start of 2020, an eleven-year-old Han called Children of Vietnam. 

“I would like to show my deep gratitude for Children of Vietnam’s support,” said Han. “I will try my best to learn well and become an English teacher in the future.”