Yen Vi’s Story: Never Give Up

11 months ago

“Never give up. Never settle down. After the rain, the sun will come.” This statement is a source of motivation for Phung Thi Yen Vi when facing difficulties and challenges. Vi’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Growing up in a challenging family situation, where her parents struggled to make ends meet and provide for their children’s education, Vi’s indomitable spirit and focused commitment to success have propelled her forward.

The financial burden on Vi’s family was particularly heavy, with her 80-year-old grandmother requiring special care. Additionally, Vi had both older and younger brothers who were pursuing their education alongside her. The combined costs of their living expenses, school fees, and medical bills created a significant strain on her parents’ limited resources.

Recognizing the immense challenges faced by Vi’s family, COV reached out to provide assistance. In 2015, Vi was chosen as one of the fortunate recipients of the Study Steps Program. This scholarship not only eased the financial burden on her family but also provided her with the necessary learning materials and even a bicycle, enabling her to commute to school conveniently. 

Driven by a deep sense of gratitude and a desire to prove herself worthy of support she had received, Vi embraced her studies with great determination. Throughout her academic journey, she consistently achieved outstanding grades, often surpassing the 9 out of 10 point mark. Her exceptional performance and dedication did not go unnoticed, as she earned an honorable mention in the city-wide English competition during her 12th-grade year.

As Vi approached a pivotal moment in her educational journey, the university entrance exam, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of excellence. Her hard work paid off when she successfully passed the entrance exam for Danang Economics University, an esteemed institution known for its remarkable total score of 27.25 out of 30—a testament to her academic mastery and dedication to her studies. 

Not only did Vi’s accomplishments open the door to higher education, but they also earned her the prestigious Bright Scholar award from COV. This recognition highlighted her exceptional academic achievements and underscored the transformative impact that support and opportunities can have on a student’s life. 

With a clear vision for her future, Vi has chosen to pursue a major in human resources at Danang Economics University. This field aligns perfectly with her passion for dynamic work related to economics and management, providing her with a platform to make a tangible difference in the business world. By harnessing her knowledge and skills in human resources, Vi aspires to contribute to the growth and success of organizations while nurturing an environment of efficiency and employee well-being.